Police Plants ‘Bomb’ at MUK; Disappointed With Response

Students at Makerere University on Friday scattered for their lives after they bumped into a hoax bomb that was planted by Police.

The object was planted by the Police Tactical Response Department under the Counter Terrorism Unit.

It was placed inside the Main Building where Makerere University Convocation was holding a one day students leadership training organized by the Chairman, look Dr. Tanga Odoi.

An alarm went off as the training was ongoing and the students together with staff members scattered for dear life.

The University warders and University Police officers were seen chasing people out of the building directing them to the Freedom Square.

Tension increased as police sniffer dogs were ushered in to look for the ‘bomb.’

Fredrick Higwira the Head of the Tactical Response Department told Chimpreports that the exercise was an evacuation drill aimed at checking the responsiveness of the community to a bomb or similar an emergency.

SP. Fredrick Higwira the Head of the Tactical Response Department says the student's response to the bomb was disappointing
SP. Fredrick Higwira the Head of the Tactical Response Department says the student’s response to the bomb was disappointing

He said the response was slow and below the international standards.


“We planted a suspicious object in the main building and when it was seen by one of the warders, ampoule he put off the siren so as to evacuate people from the building, ” Higwira said.

“Our intention was to check and see how first people can evacuate the building once an emergency alarm goes off. However, the response was below the international standard which requires evacuation to be in at most five minutes. ”

“It took over 20 minutes for the people to leave the room who unfortunately gathered around the room instead of running to the Freedom Square which was gazatted for their safety,” Higwira noted.

Higwira revealed that there was no one injured during the exercise adding that a stand-by medical service team, bomb car and fire truck were in place to avert any dangerous occurrence.

Pamera Kentaro the In-Charge Counter Terrorism Makerere University noted that there was a lot of laxity among the staff which she said was discouraging.

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