Police Partners with EU to Train Crime Intelligence Officers

Uganda police has partnered with the European Union to train crime intelligence officers to fight organized transnational crimes.

The transnational organized crimes include drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, illegal weapon trade among others.

The officers who are undergoing training have been selected from two departments, that is, criminal investigation department and crime intelligence department.

The partnership was revealed today Monday by the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura during the opening of the 5-day capacity building course of intelligence officers from Uganda, Eritrea and Sudan.

Officials from the European Union will instruct the officers.

It was held at Entebbe Imperial Golf Course Hotel, where the trainings will be conducted.

Speaking at the event, Kayihura said transnational organized crimes had for long been a challenge in the region especially in detecting and investigating them.

Citing an example of a recent incident where a woman was nabbed at the Uganda-South Sudan border carrying multiple ammunitions and 3 guns, Kayihura explained that organized crime, especially weapon trafficking was a strong problem in Uganda, noting that criminals normally use illegal weapons to execute their deadly missions.


Weapons into Uganda normally enter through the Uganda-DR Congo and Uganda-South Sudan borders, according to Kayihura.

Speaking on the issue of drug, Kayihura said: “Illicit drugs such as heroin and others have infiltrated the country hence intoxicating the youths which has led them into crimes.”

His comments can be corroborated with recent operations by police in Kampala where several drug hubs and users have been busted.

On that note, the IGP added, “this capacity building course of crime intelligence officers will help to intercept crime and will help police to detect quickly crime and transnational organized crimes.”

He further appealed to the EU to boost police efforts training of trainers so that they can train more intelligence officers in the force, adding that training of trainers will helping the school of crime investigation and crime intelligence that police is soon opening up.

On his part, the EU ambassador to Uganda Attilio Pacifici, said that European Union is training police in various countries that have been affected by organized crime including Uganda, Malawi, Kenya and Niger.

“We will train officers in proactive crime intelligence strategies, criminal intelligence analysis and also provide equipment used in investigation and analysis,” he said.

According to EU, last year, organized crime and drug trafficking specifically was worth USD 3.3bn.

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