Police Opens Up Case against Socialite Sipapa

Police has opened up a general case against socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa following a video that circulated on social media indicating that he (Sipapa) stormed the headquarters of the National Unity Platform in Kamwokya and fired bullets at the locals.

Charles Twine, the Public Relations Officer of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations has revealed that Sipapa had earlier on been summoned to Police over such allegations but he didn’t heed the call.

“Sipapa had been summoned three weeks ago at Kira Road Police Station and he failed to appear. The commotion he caused in Kamwokya has threatened the security and lives of the people so we had to open another case against him,” said Twine.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Twine added that the people who were injured are not yet identified but police is looking for them.

“We are going to use all means to ensure that we investigate and understand the situation. We have to ensure that we avoid chaos especially in this election period,” Twine said.

Sipapa yesterday stormed the headquarters of the National Unity Platform (NUP)/People Power in Kamwokya and fired bullets and teargas that allegedly left some NUP and Robert Kyagulanyi supporters injured.

The video which has since gone viral also shows various bullet holes in the metallic gate structure of the NUP headquarters.

Twine also revealed that according to data collected by police, 278 electoral crimes were registered during the recent NRM primary elections.


“We have registered 85 cases of murder, voter bribery 6, attempted murder 4, alleged shootings 1, simple bribery 20, inciting violence 22, malicious damage 21, election malpractice 7, unlawful wounding 4, defacing of election posters and defamation and libel among others,” he stated.


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