Police, Military Comb Kisekka Market Garages

Police together with The Military police on Thursday morning raided garages in Kisekka market to rid them of thugs.

Led by CPS DPC Joseph Bakaleke, police with reinforcement from military police carried out the operation after being tipped off on thugs who vandalise vehicles disguising as mechanics.

A police oficer arrests one of the mechanics.
A police officer arrests one of the mechanics.

“They target vehicles brought for repair. On many occasions the thugs threaten vehicle occupants and fleece them of money,” Bakaleke said.

He added that the thugs come from various parts of the city and converge in garages in Kisekka market  to commit these crimes. .

A scuffle during the arrest of the mechanics on Thursday.
A scuffle during the arrest of the mechanics on Thursday.

Over 40 people were arrested in the operation but according to the CPS DPC, they will screen them and detain only the wrong elements.

Bakaleke warned proprietors of the area garages against allowing bad apples to join them.

Cases of vehicle and motorcycle thefts have been on the rise according to police.


Kisekka area is notorious for mechanics who vandalise vehicles as well as sale of stolen car spare parts.

Police in Katwe recently carried out an operation on motorcycle garages leading to arrest of several mechanics.

Over 100 motorcycles were also impounded during the operation led by Kampala East RPC Siraje Bakaleke.

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