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Police: Mbabazi Lying on ‘Murdering’ his Supporters

Uganda Police Force has advised presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi and his Go Forward Camp to “redirect their energy and time spent on tarnishing state agencies to their campaign programmes and activities, illness ” Chimp Corps report.

Mbabazi on Thursday issued a statement saying Police were murdering his supporters in different parts of the country.

“Let me also state that these cruel acts tantamount to gross human rights abuse. We have documented them and will pursue redress through courts of law up to the highest level,” warned Mbabazi.

In response, Police refuted Go Forward’s claims of Mbabazi’s supporters being targeted for arrest, assault, “disappearance” and killings.

“The statement is devoid of truth; it is misleading, inciting and calculated to arouse unnecessary anxiety in the public. It is unfortunate that the statement is made by a Presidential candidate,” said the law enforcement body’s publicist, Fred Enanga.

Mbabazi yesterday alleged that “Ms Twebaze, our supporter, was murdered in Mbarara and her body dumped in the river.”

Enanga described the accusation as a “the most glaring falsehood,” adding, at the time of her demise she had been a candidate for the local council elections in the NRM primaries.

Enanga said the matter is being investigated and the close relatives updated accordingly.


The former Prime Minister went ahead to accuse police of arresting his supporters who beat up NRM supporters in Ntungamo, arguing they acted self-defence.

Enanga said the case of assault and causing grievous harm in Ntungamo, is before court and the incidence was widely covered by the media.

“The public needs no assistance in interpreting the horrible images and clips of an offensive, launched by Hon. Amama Mbabazi’s supporters on unsuspecting by standers in the most wanton and barbaric way,” said Enanga.

In his statement, Mbabazi gave an example of the arson incident in Bukedea where his alleged supporter, Mr Okwii had his house burnt.

Enanga denied the report, saying a case of arson was registered and investigations revealed that the incidence had nothing to do with politics.

“Likewise there is no known case of assault on James Aogon in Bukedea, just as there is no reported case of assault on Mr. Okello in Lira,” he added in response to Mbabazi’s claims that the two were among his harassed supporters.

Enanga also spoke about the alleged arrest of Mbabazi’s supporter known as Daniel Oyugi.

“On the 26th, November, 2015, a one Olum Samuel reported a case of a missing person in the names of Oyugi Daniel Haven vide SD/14/26/11/15. The said Oyugi Daniel has never surfaced at CPS at any one time as claimed by the Hon. Amama Mbabazi. The police appeals to the general public to shun alarmist statements, but instead keep calm and collected as we head to the advanced stages of the political season,” cautioned Enanga.

Regarding the arrest of pro-Mbabazi youth in Kotido, police said activists chose to disregard the dates, scheduled for the campaign rally of their Presidential candidate and conducted their campaign activities on the eve of his arrival, disrupting business in town with drums and vuvuzelas, in a hostile manner.

The law enforcement body said the residents raised their concerns and the youth were arrested and charged with public nuisance, after efforts to calm them to order bore no fruit.


Again, said Enanga, “Those persons whom the Hon. Amama Mbabazi describes as his security detail are only a militia outfit, who were outlawed by the Electoral Commission.”

He said Mbabazi’s militia has meted violence against the public and police a number of times and cases have been lodged in court.

“As far as we are concerned, the lawful security detail of Hon. Amama Mbabazi is a squad of officers from the VIP Protection unit, attached to him by the Police as required by the Electoral Commission for every Presidential candidate.”

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