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Police Marines in Major Rescue Operation on Lake Victoria

Uganda Police have rescued 18 people trapped at three islands on Lake Victoria between Kayunga and Nakasongola Districts.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said a boat was Wednesday “swept away on River Ssezibwa due the rising waters levels after the rains of Sunday November 18, 2018.”

The police mounted an operation that rescued two people on Wednesday.

As night fell, marines had to suspend their operation till the following morning.

“This morning, we continued the same operation that rescued the other three, all alive,” said Kayima.

The law enforcement body later learned of the families that were trapped at three tinny islands between the districts of Kayunga and Nakasongola.

Kayima said the police “helicopter was flown to these three islands rescuing all the 16 people trapped on these islands with a possibility of sinking as the water levels kept rising and the winds blowing severely.”

Cases of drowning are common on Ugandan lakes. However, police have in recent years invested heavily in marines to conduct rescue operations.


“We thank the officers for a successful operation carried out, the effort and speed employed,” said Kayima.

Meanwhile, Police warned “those who reside or work in water logged areas to take extra care as the rains fall. All must report possible incidents of drowning to the area commander for quick intervention.”

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