Police Kiboko Squad is Replacing Teargas – Kayihura

The Inspector General of Police has defended his men and commanders for flogging Besgiye supporters this week.

Police is under fire after incidents of violence in the media perpetuated by police. Uniformed police officers and those in civilian attire were filmed on Tuesday and Wednesday beating up people especially bodaboda riders who were escorting FDC and opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Addressing journalists on Thursday afternoon at Naguru, view http://cooperativenet.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/ajax/class.ajax_installer.php the police boss said that in line with the new standard operating procedure, check http://cbvsalvail.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-text-diff-renderer-table.php his men had to adapt to new measures to control crowds other than firing teargas and rubber bullets.

“We realized the previous measures were creating alarm to the public like teargas and rubber bullets. Teargas was affecting the lives of those who were not involved in the chaos .We decided to adopt new measures, http://ckls.org/wp-includes/category-template.php ” Gen. Kayihura told journalists on Thursday.

“We told commanders to minimize the use of teargas. We adopted use of batons as the standard operating procedure and that’s why they are using sticks.”

The police chief applauded his commanders for ably preventing the crowds from blocking traffic along the Entebbe Highway and other roads where Besigye was passing.

Kayihura said he got intelligence that Besigye supporters had planned to block traffic to and from the airport. He noted that police is constitutionally mandated to keep law and order which his men did well.

“On that day was a cabinet meeting in Entebbe and Ministers were travelling. It was in the morning and on a working day and we could not allow them disrupt traffic along the highway.”


He added, “I want to applaud my commanders from preventing the crowd from entering Entebbe road and blocking traffic.”

Blames Journalists

The police boss was at it again attacking journalists whom he accused of blowing the incident out of proportion and siding with the opposition.

“These incidents were selectively reported to demonize the police and incite the public. It is not journalism but absolute propaganda by some members of the fourth estate,” he said.

“Even in developed countries there are challenges but if you love your country you should not demonize the police as being bad. Don’t demonize me because I am pro-people.”

Gen. Kayihura stressed that the former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Besigye is partly to blame for the violence in the city adding that wherever he is in town, chaos erupts unlike when he is away.

He said the utterances by Besigye upon being released from Luzira that he would continue from where he ended with his defiance campaign, explained his nature and as a violent man.

Investigations Ongoing

Kayihura said the Professional Standards Unit has started investigations into the conduct of police officers in regards to the incidents of violence against Besigye supporters.

“These ought to have used necessary force, reasonable and proportionate .I wish to assure the public that whoever is found wrong will be held accountable individually.”

“I want to put in place measures in areas of training to help our officers do work more responsibly.”

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