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Police: Kaweesi Assassins Operated an ‘Observation Post’ in Kulambiro

Police are hunting down a well-built man suspected of acting as an observer at an ‘Observation Post’ for heavily-armed gunmen who executed police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi, malady Chimp Corps report.

Kaweesi was sprayed with bullets this past Friday shortly after leaving his residence in Kulambiro, Kampala.

The killers, according to police boss Gen Kale Kayihura, sped off on motorcycles towards the direction of Kisaasi Township.

Police have since arrested a few suspects in the case.

Latest information obtained by ChimpReports indicates that a witness interrogated by detectives said a man came to her shop pretending buying charcoal.

“This man was visibly bothered. He came to my shop and asked for charcoal but did not show seriousness,” recounted the witness.

“He appeared to be monitoring what was going on in the trading centre,” the witness added.

In a matter of moments, the gunmen opened fire on Kaweesi’s vehicle.


When the shopkeeper expressed alarm that gunshots were rocking her neighborhood, the strange man advised against such thoughts, saying, “It’s the transformer exploding.”

Police Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of INTERPOL and International Relations, Asan Kasingye confirmed the development while appearing on KFM Radio on Monday night.

He said the investigators suspect the strange man helped the killers by operating their observation post.

An observation post or O.P., temporary or fixed, is a position from which soldiers can watch enemy movements, to warn of approaching soldiers (such as in trench warfare), or to direct artillery fire.

In strict military terminology, an observation post is any preselected position from which observations are to be made – this may include very temporary installations such as a vehicle parked as a roadside checkpoint.

Assassins can as well use OPs to monitor the movement of their target.

Kasingye further said the stranger could have been part of what is known in intelligence as a “sleeper cell”.

A sleeper cell is a secretive group of spies or terrorist agents that remain inactive within a target population until ordered to act.

Kasingye said in this case, agents of a sleeper cell take their time to monitor one’s movements, how often one goes to church and entire daily life so as to plan their execution accordingly.

These new revelations underpin the growing narrative that Kaweesi’s killers were well trained, sophisticated and experienced militants.

“We now have a new threat which is terrorism,” said Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, adding, government must deal with it decisively.

Addressing mourners at Kaweesi’s residence on Sunday, President Museveni vowed to “hunt down and kill Kaweesi’s killers.”

He warned: “If they don’t want to die, they should surrender. But even after surrendering, I don’t know what will happen next because they have killed our people.”

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