Police Introduce New Digital Express Penalty System, Replace Old Receipts

Uganda Police has on Monday introduced a new digital system that is going to replace the old express penalty receipts which traffic officers have been issuing to road offenders.

According to police, the new system will simplify a number of challenges that have been faced with the paper receipt system.

While launching the system at police headquarters in Naguru, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Sabitti Muzeeyi said that the new innovation will help the law enforcement body punish minor road offenders without subjecting them to numerous court processes.

In many circumstances, the new EPS shall require the offenders to pay instantly before proceeding from the point of arrest.

According to police, payment of express penalties have as well been simplified that is; by using the system one shall not be required to go to the bank as it enables to pay using mobile money.

The police boss also added that the digital system will help police to supervise its officers as the issuing officers details shall be included in the system.

The system according to police requires them to log in first and indicate their credentials.

General Sabitti also pointed out some of the challenges which have been faced by the old receipt system and prominent being difficulty in reconciliation as many offenders have been defaulting the payments.


“It has also not been possible for us to get real time information about the vehicles and most people have been buying vehicles with accumulated traffic tickets, and also some offenders especially PSV operators when traffic decide to take action resort to strikes and other forms of industrial action, so this system is helpful,” said Sabitti.

The inspector general also added that the digital system shall enable them in effective monitoring of  habitual road offenders who’s driving licences need to be revoked.

Flags off a team of traffic officers with digital equipment which has replaced the old EPS reciept books at Naguru police headquarters. Photo by Arafat Nzito For Chimpreports

“You commit an offence here and run there, we shall be on your neck,” he said.

Mr Winston Katusabe, the Commissioner Traffic Regulation and Safety in the Ministry of Work pointed out that the electronic ticketing system will ease prosecution of offenders  and help decongest courts of law as it requires only express payment and self-regulation.

From Uganda Revenue Authority, the Commissioner Domestic Taxes Mr Siraje Kanyesigye expressed gratitude towards the system pointing out that the old system had become irreconcilable and costly to print paper receipt books.

Mr Kanyesigye also added that there have been a lot of inconsistencies and corruption in the old system which he says will be destabilized by the new innovation.



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