Police Intensify Pro-People Campaigns Amid Controversies

Uganda Police Force has intensified its pro people strategic campaigns to bridge the gap and strengthen its relationship with the public.

The campaigns under the community policing program have been ongoing for some time and according to authorities, a vast area of the country has been covered.

According to Police, this approach will help transform the force into a modern, pro-people, professional and disciplined force.

The campaigns which have specifically conducted by the directorate of political commiserate have been involving ratification where officers from different policing regions have been reminded on how to execute their duties and relate with societies they serve.

Locals have also been sensitized on various crimes as well as being encouraged on reporting crime using the various police hotline numbers.

This week, a team led by the head of community policing ACP Anatoli Muletelwa pitched camp in West Nile region on a sensitization drive in refugee camps with the aim of combating acts of criminality, radicalization, revenge, murder, rape among others.

Recently, reports of increasing criminality have been reported especially from settlement camps where refugees have clashed with host communities, Police and relief agencies.

In his message, Muletelwa urged refugees in Panyandoli Settlement camp in Kiryandongo district to live in harmony and have respect for the law.


“We need the refugees to understand the legal regime and partner with us to secure themselves. Some of them have different cultural sentiments which they tend to import which are quit resistant to the common law and jeopardizes security and the only way to bring this out is through sensitization but also Inform them of what we want of them by ensuring they work and cooperate with police in fighting criminality in and among them,” he said.

He also appealed to the host communities, especially local leaders to accept and work with the refugees so as to reduce all crimes in the camps.

This week’s campaign started at Gulu University where students were urged to remain disciplined, determined in academics and avoid all sorts of activities that lead to criminality.

Earlier, ACP Muletelwa was in Karamoja sub region where he conducted training of all middle commanders in community policing methodology.

This was in a wake of security concerns that had been reported in the area related to cattle rustling.

With such campaigns, the law enforcement body states that it is part of pro-active efforts of identifying and solving problems within the society.

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