Police Infiltrated by Criminals, Says Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has ordered Uganda Police to clean up their house, approved warning that the force has been infiltrated by many criminals.

Speaking during a vigil for the late police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi in Kulambiro, Museveni said on many occasions, cases have been frustrated by criminals together with police officers and end up not being investigated well.

“I have been following these cases especially in the Kagezi (Joan) murder. Evidence was very clear but it ended up there,” Museveni said.

“There are many cases of intimidating witnesses and also killing them. The Police has been infiltrated by criminals and Kale (Kayihura) must clean the police.”

Museveni cited a case of rally driver Ponsiano Lwakataka who he said police had clear evidence that he killed over 9 people but has not been arrested.

He said that all witnesses in the case were intimidated by police officers in Rakai and fearing for their lives, they abandoned the case.

“In that case in Rakai (Lwakataka), the people giving information were being hunted by police. Instead of arresting the criminal, they framed the one who reported.”

He added,”Many people come and say they want to give information to only me because they don’t trust police officers.”


The commander in chief said there are always clues to these crimes but because the police is infiltrated by criminals, evidence is always killed and cases die a natural death.

“All these murders I have followed myself but police have a problem. Kale must clean the police.”

Museveni also blamed the GISOs, DISO s and other intelligence officers at various levels in the country for failure to detect crime in their various areas.

“These criminals surprised us because this country has been in peace and hit us when we had relaxed. We shall look for them and kill them,” Museveni warned.

AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was on Friday morning shot dead by unknown assailants as he left his home in Kulambiro.

He was killed together with his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and the driver Godfrey Wambewo

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