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Police Forcefully Take Vendors Off Kampala Streets

The police led by CPS DPC Joseph Bakaleke together with KACITA were on Monday morning involved running battles against vendors on Kampala streets.

KACITA had earlier issued a warning that they would physically engage in taking vendors off Kampala streets.

However, what is ed on Monday morning, police deployed patrol vehicles on almost all streets as they asked the vendors off the streets as well as confiscating property of those who failed to heed to the request.

Many vendors were however seen cursing KACITA officials whom they accused of having double standards.

According to the street vendors, it was awkward that the same traders who sell good to them are campaigning for their removal from the streets.

“I bought merchandise worth Shs 150,000 from the same shop whose owners are now behind our removal from the streets. Where do they expect us to go,” said John Kagarura, who sells clothes near Qualicel bus terminal.

“KCCA should start levying a certain fee so we can freely operate on the streets.”

Referring to President Museveni’s Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo, the traders quoted the head of state as one who allowed them on the streets.


“Mzee (President) announced this as a term of work. Why would KCCA and KACITA now disrupt our work? ”

The street vendors explained they couldn’t relocate to USAFI market as asked by KCCA, citing the mess in the area.

However, traders said the intervention was long overdue because sales have reduced partly because of the street vendors.

“They sell similar goods as we do but cheaply which affects our business, “said Benon Mutabingwa, a trader at Qualicel building.

In an interview with Chimpreports, Kampala Metropolitan Area Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said they were not on the streets to send away vendors but rather execute their mandate to keep law and order.

“If KCCA says they (vendors) are not wanted on the streets, we are there to support them (KCCA) in keeping law and order in the city,” said Kayima.

Police continues patrolling Kampala streets which are now free of any vendors.

Kampala Minister Beti Kamya recently pledged to find a remedy for the mess in the city.

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