Police Explain Kayihura Ban of Age Limit Debates

Police spokesperson AIGP Asan kasingye has turned down allegations that the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura barred universities from debating on the Age Limit issue.

In a July 15 statement, Police expressed concern over what they termed “malicious and misleading” reporting by the Observer newspaper which published a mini headline “Kayihura bans age limit debate in universities.”

Responding to that claim, the police mouthpiece noted: “we strongly reject the assertions by the observer as false…”

The communique indicates that the in the story, the said publication went on to write that the Kayihura relayed to universities that the debate on Age Limit is only restricted to legislators in parliament and not in schools and villages.

Clarifying on that, Kasingye emphasised: “… the IGP did not use those words as alleged by the journalist at any one time and neither did he communicate to anyone on phone.”

Kasingye further noted that the police are well aware that universities and tertiary institutions are learning environments where robust expressive activities are highly promoted.

He therefore assured the public that Police remains committed to maintain law and order, peace and security and further calls upon the populace to “ignore such baseless and unfounded stories.”

Debate on the lifting of term limits to allow Museveni run again has been raging in Uganda in the last few weeks.

Society is agitated by the suspected government’s attempt to use its influence to amend Article 102 of the Constitution with the view of allowing Museveni to seek another term as president.

The NRM party leader will clock the mandatory 75 years in 2019, just two years before the general elections.


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