Police Explain Gen. Kayihura’s Absence from Court

The Uganda Police through its legal team have broken silence on the absence of the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura from the case contrary to the court criminal summons.

Addressing journalists on Thursday afternoon, visit this http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-7d048eb4c365e01de9cd012f7993b341.php the Director in charge of Human Rights and Legal  Services Erasmus Twaruhukwa insisted the police boss has never  received court summons to that effect, http://damadetrefla.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/hidden.php adding that there is no way he could have  violated a court order had it been issued.

“He has not been served with criminal summons or any other summons requiring his attendance in court as alleged by the lawyers pursing the private prosecution. I am challenging those claiming to have served him to prove it, prescription ” Twaruhukwa told a news conference on Thursday in Kampala.

The procedure for service of the summons is clear that they must be received by the person summoned and should acknowledge it. He (Gen.Kayihura) asked me to check his office, home and my officers whether the summons had been received but it was not true.”

Twaruhukwa stressed there was no reason for the police boss denying receipt of the criminal summons asking the lawyers to prove service of the court summons.

Tasked to explain why it was him speaking on behalf of the police boss yet he(Twaruhukwa) was only a lawyer for the police force, he said they  were seeing a lot of misinformation against the office of the Inspector General of Police that they could not allow to continue.

“We can’t keep quiet and let confusion go on. We have a duty to explain to the people what is going on. He is still meeting the Algerian police delegation but I am sure soon he will come out to address it,” Twaruhukwa said it.

He stressed it was unfair and not tenable for the criminal justice system to expect a person to respond to summons he has not been served.


“The public should know the IGP has not snubbed any court process but is a law abiding citizen of this country who upholds the rule of law.”

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