Police Denies Kayihura’s Statement on Power Transfer

As the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party yesterday celebrated 30 years in power, cheapest http://comerydivertirse.com/wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php their rival, medical http://d4462130.u92.platformpublishing.com.au/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/em-rss.php the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) still have hard time finding  justifiable reasons for the attack on their government by the National Resistance Army in 1981.

UPC’s government was first attacked on February 16, decease http://chaosoffroad.com/wp-content/plugins/cleaner-gallery/inc/gallery.php 1981 at Kabamba army barracks by the rebel movement led by Yoweri Museveni after claims that the group was cheated in the elections.

The party Secretary General under Jimmy Akena’s leadership, Edward Sseganyi told press today, “We don’t see any relevance of the Liberation Day; we have never acknowledged that there was need for NRM to over throw the UPC government which was already serving citizens effectively,” remarked Sseganyi during the party’s weekly press briefing on Wednesday in Kampala.

“We were already pursuing a recovery program which was yielding results; the economy was booming, people were safe in their country, no road blocks were registered at all,” Sseganyi said.

Sseganyi observed that the whole aim of the attack was just ‘hunger for power,’ which has been exposed by Museveni clinging onto power for now 30 years.

“If the issue was Museveni being cheated in an election, why didn’t he organize fresh elections immediately? Our president never cheated.”

Sseganyi added that ever since the NRM government was formed, there is no clear form of democracy that has been exhibited in the country.

“We have had a series of elections organized but court has time and again ruled that they were not free and fair.”
“In an election where there is no leveled ground, you can’t talk of democracy; the incumbent is on spot for using State funds and equipment during campaigns.”
Tanzania’s leading telecommunication company Tigo, seek http://companyimpact.com/waterbills/wp-includes/shortcodes.php has announced free WhatsApp services for its 10 million users, what is ed http://dbkschool.net/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugins-list-table.php Chimp Corps report.


This makes Tigo the first telecom in the country to offer the social media service for free, http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-includes/rest-api.php once again demonstrating its leadership in delivering cutting-edge technology and innovations in market, according to the General Manager, Diego Gutierrez.

The development could as well pile pressure on telecoms in Tanzania and neighbouring countries to follow suit.

Making the announcement in Dar es Salaam this week, Gutierrez said all Tigo customers subscribing to the company’s weekly and monthly internet will henceforth be entitled to free WhatsApp service.

“From now onwards, all Tigo customers buying any of our weekly or monthly packages will be eligible to enjoy FREE WhatsApp. This of course, is for customers with data enabled devices. We want to encourage our non-Smartphone user customers to acquire highly discounted smartphones sold in Tigo shops to be able to enjoy this new offer,” Gutierrez said.

The general manager further clarified that the service will be available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian60-phones.

With an excess of 1 billion users globally, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging application that enables users to exchange media, texts, video clips and voice calls.

WhatsApp is a sister application to Facebook, the social network that Tigo partnered with in 2014 to become the first telecom in Tanzania to give its customers free Facebook access in Kiswahili, the country’s national language also widely spoken in east, central and southern African countries.

The free Tigo WhatsApp joins a long list of other ‘firsts’ that the company has pioneered in its digital innovations. They include the recent launch of 4G LTE networks that gives Tigo customers high speed internet connection which is five times higher than the technology available in the Tanzanian market.

Tigo in 2014 also became the first telecom in Tanzania to provide free Facebook in Kiswahili; the first to launch a mobile money App for Adroid and iOs users and the first in East Africa to introduce cross-border money transfer with currency conversion.

In the past three years the company has launched over 500 network sites bringing to over 2,000 the total number of its network sites countrywide. It plans to double this investment by 2017 in terms of coverage and additional capacity networks for deeper penetration in rural areas.

Tigo in 2015 announced an increased annual investment of US $ 120 million per year on infrastructure improvement and expansion which is 20% higher than Tigo’s annual spending in the past three years.

Tigo is the biggest commercial brand of Millicom, an international company developing the digital lifestyle in 12 countries with commercial operations in Africa and Latin America and corporate offices in Europe and the USA.

Police have angrily responded to media attributions of certain pointed political statements to the force’s Inspector General, try http://christlutheran.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table-compat.php Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura.

Daubing two stories by The Observer and Daily Monitor which caused social media frenzy as “dangerous, discount http://chompdigital.com/wp-includes/general-template.php ” the police spokesperson Fred Enanga asked that the reporters and their managers “correct the stories by providing the public with information that is truthful.”

“In the Daily Monitor Newspaper of Monday 25th January, http://crossfitnaples.com/wp-admin/includes/ms-deprecated.php 2016, a story was published under the mini headline ‘Go hang-Kayihura tells of critics on crime preventers’’. And in the Observer Newspaper, a dangerous story was run under the headline ‘Elections; Rugunda, Kayihura disagree on power transfer, where it went on to add’’ we shall not hand over power to the opposition to destabilize the peace we fought for’’. The same story was picked by NBS television,’ stated Mr Enanga.

“We want to inform the public and the media fraternity that the IGP did not use the words by the journalists to meet his communication needs.”

The police spokesperson also took the trouble to transcribe what he called the full speech of the IGP at the double event of passing out crime preventers and the sports gala in Kapchorwa.

The 1700 word transcription reflects none of the statements attributed by the media houses to the IGP.

Enanga said General Kayihura was unhappy with the newspapers. He said the reporters intended to “provoke publicity and generate controversy by portraying the IGP in bad faith as an officer who does not uphold and observe rule of law.”

“We appeal to all, not to believe the story, and call upon the journalists and media managers to correct it by providing the public with information that is truthful.”

In the alleged Kayihura’s full speech, he strongly emphasizes the importance of having enough crime preventers in the country and admonishes those against the idea.

“…And by the way, this is a continuation where it started in our neighborhood zone, in the fight against state inspired terrorism of Idi Amin, through the struggles of Mr. Sabila and FRONASA who fought against Idi Amin and won. So what people are trying to vulgarize and confuse, started long time ago in 1977, in the fight against Idi Amin, when they empowered people to fight against crime in government,” he says.

Earlier today, concerns has started to flare up about Gen Kayihura’s alleged remarks, including from the head of the European Union  in the country Mr Kristian Schmidt, who asked that the IGP clears the air.

“General I respectfully ask, were you quoted correctly on today’s (Observer)?” he tweeted.

A number of international rights bodies and agencies have in past talked against the idea of Police training militias, (crime preventers) whose sole purpose they say, is consolidating the regime’s grip on power.

However, in Kayihura’s transcribed speech, he emphasizes that no one will move him to disband the crime preventers who he says are currently numbering 11 million all around the country.

“The other day there was some Human Rights Watch lady and she is even my friend, who came to ask me and even made a statement that we suspend crime preventers. And my response was, “ok if you want me to suspend crime preventers you should also suspend the criminals”, but will not suspend the crime preventers because the criminal’s are there,” he says.

Below is the said full speech of the IGP:

The Woman MPKapchorwa, the AspiringMP, the RDC, I am overwhelmed by your presence on this day, when we are beginning the sportsgala organized by the UPF. It is a two day event where we are honoring and celebrating thepeople of Sebei as well as other parts of Uganda, which have produced athletes thathave won gold medals and other medals and brought honor to thecountry. It would have been done abit earlier, but we have done it now, especiallywe police, because you have given us your children and they are winning gold medals, in both international and regional championships, andas well, brought honor to the police, as well as to the country.

We would have it in Kampala, but we said we had to do it with the families of the athletes andthe community. And so that is the reason we are here.

Today is the beginning;we saw it appropriate to combine it with the pass out of crime preventers who are passing out in this region. I would like to thank them for having turned up and respondedto our callin such big numbers, 65000 is not a small number. RDCs of Kapchorwa,Kween, and Bukwo, I don’t know how many police officers you have there in uniform and if we are to deploythem, I don’t think we can confidently say we can fight crime. But with the resource of 65000 crime preventers and you have seen what they have shown to you in two months, because this means a lot, it means fitness, it shows a team which is organized, so this is our force andin case you are attacked from across, but I don’t think it can happen, now we havegot a force to deal with them. All we need to do is to change the sticks and give them rifles and by the way I would like to tell you this, you are a reserve of the army, in case of war, you will be called upon because the policeare the reserve of the army, according to the law.

According to the Police Act, the Minister of InternalAffairs, at any time, can call the police to serve as a militaryforce, so by extensionthe crime preventers in case of any awar, can be called upon. And that’s why they should be trained inskills at arm and self defense, so that you have a force here.

And at that time Idi Aminwas killing people, Maliyamungu, and so they mobilized the people, and fought with the support of Tanzania. Then later, after the Idi Amin dictatorship, they fought terrorism in the government after 1981, where some patriots went to the bush. This was by mobilizing people to fight the government which had the support of the most powerful countries in the world and removed it after five years.

We are celebrating 30 years next week and the victory of the people’swar. So when I went to the police and found the idea of this community policing, neighborhood watch,I said I will organize the ordinary people to fight crime and criminals and if you see in all communities, in all districts, the criminals are few, but they are organized, where as the law abiding citizens are many but are not organized. So the whole idea is organizingat the neighborhood level and empowering them with self defense and other skills as the surest way of eliminating crime.

For instance every year when we issue Annual Crime Report, the biggest crime is defilement and domestic violence, and the victims are women and girls. So the answer to that is the taekwondo you see here, and we want this program to develop in schools like this Sebei college, especially, to empower the girls because we can not have enough police to police everybody.

Even the UN ratio says 1 police to 500 people, so you can never have enough police to ensure security. So it is only through peopleparticipation that you can effectively deal with the crime. So for this program, those who criticize it don’t understand what they are talking about and I want to pay tribute to those who have volunteered.

It is a volunteers program and that is what it is all about and I think our political leaders try to confuse it. And they have even misinformed our friends, the Europeans and Americans thateven when they come here; they come asking for crime preventers. They think crime preventers are a group who cause mayhem at the rallies.

If you go to America you find crime preventers yet they have a bigger police force and resources than us the 3rd world countries. Am very grateful to H.Ethe President, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet and even Parliament, who have come up very clearlyto say no, this is a legitimate program, it is constitutional , lawful , it is empowering , its improving strength of the country .

These people who are talking, some of them are ignorant, and I am suspicious they want our country to remain disorganizedandweak, so that they can swallow us, especiallywhen they have heard there is oil. Youknow when they talk about the oil curse, what they mean. So the government is very clear on this matter and nobody should even waste our time because this is a democratic policing. We are empowering ourselves, the community, to fight criminals in the neighborhood. I don’t know even whom they vote and it’s not my business. Mine is special that the country is secure 24/7.

So I will go deep in this, but most importantis, this is a program of the police nobody should confuse. We have a department of community policing headed by a Commissioner who reports to Chief Political Commissioner of Police. She is called CP Namutebi, so it is not a grump just there  which we disown and they have got an organization right from national level, district, county and sub county, up to the village. And we are trying to link it to the LCsystem and “mayumbakumi”. We want to revise the “mayumbakumi”.

So I don’t knowhow many villages are in Sebei region? So it is times 30 which will be a big force, I have tasked the Director Ochom of Research and Planning, to in the 5 year strategic plan, come out clearly on this matter of the recruitment and trainingof crime preventers, and we see how we expect to  be by 2021. And I hope by that time we shall have 300 crime preventers pervillage in Sebei region, meaning each village will have two companies to defend it against criminalsandvanish these people, the so called“kanyama”, who beat people and steal goats, chicken, cows and sheep which we survive on.

We want Uganda to create a crime free society on this idea and nobody will stop us as long as we have the responsibility of keeping this country safe and secure.

Crime preventers you are doing things out of charity, I want to thank you because you are volunteering, you are more enlightened, that may be the others don’t know, that it is in your interest to keep your neighborhood watch and your community safe and secure .

So I don’t need to pay you to keep your home. In the bush, I was not given a salary and I want to pay tribute to you because you have joined us to work out of conviction that whatever you do in the community is real serving and is also in yourinterest.

The President would wish to come to pass you like he has done it in other parts like the Elgon region but is very busy on other programs and even tomorrow, he would want to come but has delegated the Prime Minster of Uganda, because he appreciates the importance of this cause.

I just want to pay tribute to you forjoining the effort, but it is not for nothing. We can’t give you salary because you are in millions; right now we have got 11 million throughout the country.The police are only 43000 and crime preventers are 11 million, but they have made a big difference in the whole country. We can’t pay you salary but you are going to get projects, this is real, so that as you serve, you have projects which can bring income to you at the same time you are liberating the country.

As police we shall share the little we have, you have got a very good SACCO and if this SACCO works, it will be a vehicle through which you can get more support.

We are trying to get you identification and this will be equivalent to a police warrant card, I can’tpromisewhen, but it is in the making, as well as uniforms, torches, gumboots and watches.As I said, this is just the beginning of the sports gala, we will say more about sports tomorrow, but today was dedicated to passing out the 65000 crime preventers in the Sipiregion.

Tomorrow it is going to be the main day where we shall begin at 6 O’clock, with a 10 km run and I willparticipate in the 10km race. And I invite all of you toparticipate; including all crime preventers although I am passing them out today. If you fail to participate, I may have to reconsider because this should be yourroutine. We are determined to change and swipe all the gold medals the other side of the border in Kenya and bring them to this side of the boarder.

Thanks to your children.

It is now my pleasure to declare the course of crime preventers in Sebei region complete and to pass you out as crime preventers of this region.

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