Police Demolish More Illegal Structures in Kyengera, Lubigi Wetlands

Police officers on Sunday demolished illegal perimeter fences within Kyengera and Lubigi wetlands in Kampala.

In the operation led by the Deputy Commander of the Environmental Police in Kampala Metropolitan Area, Emmanuel Esabo, the erased structures covered at least three acres.  One acre of the fence in Lubigi near the Kyengera- Entebbe Expressway flyover belonged to a one Saidi Katumba while another two acres after Kyengera town before Mogas Oil depot had been fenced by businessman Omar Mandela.

Efforts by their agents to block the demolition did not bear fruit.

Mr. Esabu said the destruction of the fences is in line with a presidential directive on demolishing and evicting encroachers in wetlands, forests, lake shorelines, and other environmental gazetted areas.

“We are enforcing an order by the President. In Kampala Metropolitan alone, there are at least 10,000 people who are illegally living in wetlands and we will have them removed,” he said.

Mr. Esabu said they will now move to areas in Butabika which he said cover nearly 3.5km with at least 500 residents. The other area is the Kansanga wetland that covers at least 2.5 kilometers with more than 700 people.

In Munyonyo, a stretch from Ggaba Treatment Centre, the entire Auto spur, all the way behind the residence of city tycoon Gordon Wavamunno, the authorities will have all illegal gardens and settlements demolished. This, according to Esabu, covers 4 kilometers.


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