Police Crackdown Criminal Gang, Recover 9 Stolen Motorcycles

Police in Kakiri, Wakiso district on Wednesday cracked down an organized criminal racket which has been terrorizing the areas of Wakiso, Mityana, Mubende, Kayunga, Nakaseke, Luweero and the surrounding areas while stealing motorcycles.

In a statement released by Kampala Metropolitan Police on Thursday morning, it is indicated that at least nine suspects were arrested and nine motorcycles were recovered from this notorious criminal gang.

According to Police, this investigation was ignited after a report of stealing two motorcycles was registered at Bukalanga Police Post under Kakiri Division by a one Kiwanuka Elijah aged 33, a businessman and a resident at Kikubampanga zone, Kakiri Town Council in Wakiso District.

He told police that on the night of 30th September 2020, at unknown time, unknown people broke into his house and stole two motorcycles Registration Numbers; UDR 663Q and UDL 710Z all Bajaj Boxers.

“Police opened up inquiries, visited the scene of crime and relevant statements were recorded. Nine suspects were arrested in connection to this crime,” said KMP spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango.

“Nine motorcycles were recovered in the operation with the following registration numbers; UDX 262Q, UDL 710Z, UDX 189U, UDR 663Q, UDR 744R, UEX 962Q, UDH 661D, UEB 978G and UDV 178N.”

How Police Executed the Investigation

According to Police, during the investigations, four forged log books were recovered from the suspects.


It was established that in the night of 30/09/2020, at unknown time of the night, thugs broke in the house of the complainant where he had kept his two motorcycles Registration number UDL 710Z and UDR 663Q and stole those motorcycles and the complainant reported the matter to police for assistance.

Fortunately, motorcycle number UDR 663Q belonging to the complainant was sold to a one Kityo John who incidentally works with the complainant at the same Boda Boda stage in Kakiri Town Council.

The complainant saw his motorcycle with Kityo at the stage and he inquired how Kityo got it.

Kityo revealed that he bought the said motorcycle from someone called Mukasa Joseph, a mechanic at Kiwawu village in Mityana district at one million shillings (Shs 1,000,000).

Kityo was brought to police by the complainant together with the exhibit motorcycle number UDR 663Q where he was tasked by the police to lead them to the whereabouts of Mukasa Joseph, who allegedly sold to him the said motorcycle.

Mukasa Joseph was arrested at Mityana with the help of Kityo John from where he does operates his motorcycle repairing business.

Mukasa Joseph, on interrogation, also revealed that he bought the said motorcycle at Shs 850,000 and on original log book was given to him after the payment.

As Mukasa was being brought to Kakiri, he sighted a one Kayemba Ibra at Bujuuko Town and he (Ibra) was arrested accordingly. Kayemba Ibra, the chief architect of this crime, was interrogated and revealed to police that he steals and sales both old and new motorcycles from almost every part of the country.

Police managed to arrest seven suspects and recovered seven other motorcycles (Bajaj boxers).

It was also established that Kayemba Ibra deals with a group of thugs, who use nicknames and code words like “Afande, Kabalazi and others”.

Police also established that Kayemba Ibra was dealing with some unscrupulous employees at URA Nakawa where he manages to forge log books for all the motorcycles he steals.

One suspect called Okoori Samuel, an alleged broker at URA Nakawa, was the one who was at the fore front of forging log books for Kayemba.

When Okoori Samuel was interrogated, he too claimed he could forward the number plates to a one Mukasa, an employee of URA Nakawa who prints those log books for Kayemba Ibra at a price ranging from Shs 35,000 (thirty five thousand shillings) to Shs 60,000 (sixty thousand shillings) per log book.

It was also established that these log books would then be packed in envelopes and Okoori Samuel would deliver them to a one Nassuuna Grace, a mobile money attendant at URA Nakawa Gate, where Kayemba could pick them from. He pays Nassuuna Shs 20,000 (twenty thousand shillings) for keeping those envelopes.

Upon interrogation, feigned ignorance of this crime, claiming she always gave Kayemba Ibra the envelopes without knowing the content therein.

Police is in the process to recover all other motorcycles that could still be in the hands of this criminal racket.

“A concerted effort is to be made to arrest, prosecute, follow up and disband this criminal gang and their activities to make sure our boda boda riders are safe as they perform their daily duty,” said SP Patrick Onyango.

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