Police Commences Mandatory Nationwide Boda Boda Registration

In a bid to streamline and integrate the boda boda industry with security, Uganda Police Force has commenced a nationwide registration of passenger motorcycles commonly known as Boda Boda.

This development was revealed by the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga in a security briefing head at Naguru headquarters on Monday.

According to the law enforcement body, the process is aimed at identifying the number of boda bodas in the country so as to be integrated in the security database for easy identification and monitoring.

“This nationwide registration is to help police better and this is something that has been progressing well.  Every territorial police unit working through the crime intelligence officers and detectives have been able to map out and identify all stages within their territories,” Enanga said.

All territories under districts and divisions have been mapped out and each and every manager of the stages will work with the Police to ensure that every member of their stages is registered in the process.

Riders will ensure that they indicate and provide the particulars of their national identification cards, place of residence, type of motorcycle that they’re ridding, particulars of the motorcycles and supporting documents.

Police states that much as the public is aware of the essential role of the boda boda cyclists in the economy, there is still no legal frameworks governing the sector.

Therefore, this is why there has been challenges as far as “criminality is concerned and recklessness in the business.”


Police pointed out that key matters such as driver’s license, traffic code, criminality records, fixed record of place of aboard have not been monitored at all.

Mr Enanga told journalists that so far Boda Boda managers have been cooperating well and apparently about 150,000 motorcycles have been registered and the number is expected to double or triple.

“We believe that this is part of our security enhancement mechanism because we have been finding challenges that many are vulnerable and some also double as criminals at the same time, so this registration is going to help weed out riders who are not very thorough with their documentation.”

According to Police, the process will ensure that some standards are observed such that riders do not register more than once, which will help to know those working outside their jurisdiction.

Last week, while commissioning the first phase of the national surveillance system at Police headquarters in Naguru, President Museveni said that focus will be on monitoring all automobiles in the country.

“I have tasked the Minister of Security Gen. Elly Tumwine to ensure digital identification of each car and boda boda so we are going to defeat crime,” he said.

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