Police Commanders, Intelligence Agents To Report Murder Cases To Security Ministry

In a bid to fight crime especially murder across the country, the Security Ministry has directed all district police commanders and security agents to report all murder cases to the ministry.

In a directive also obtained by this website, other security agents ordered to report to the ministry are District Intelligence security officers (DISOs) and Residence District commissioners (RDCs).

“You are requested to report to the Ministry of Security on any murder case in your district every day,” reads part of the directive.

According to sources, the move is an action on the presidential directive and strategies to restore security in the country.

Sources said the new security linkage will help in crime investigation and quick arrest of criminals who commit murder.

It was also established that the move is also aimed to create and maintain joint operations between the police and other security agencies.

In the recent past, the country experienced a raising number of brutal murders including killing of prominent individuals and women in Nansana and Katabi.

Also the greater Masaka crime wave of machete men who claimed lives of many Ugandans shook the country.


The escalating crimes of murder were partly blamed on the uncoordinated relationship between intelligence and security agencies at the time.

The new intelligence sharing strategy is also a follow up on the presidential assurance to the public that he would restore security and put a stop at murders and other related crimes.

Earlier this year, while issuing the eleven new security strategies to reduce crime, the president lambasted the country’s security agencies for disregarding important crime tip-offs from members of the public.

“This is the reason as to why many crimes have gone undetected,” he said.

All district security agents have been provided with secure communication lines where they’ll relay their reports to the Security Ministry and Directorate of Internal Security Organization.

Charles Aine, the Staff Officer in the Security Ministry told district officers that the security operatives from the ministry shall immediately start to jointly investigate the murder cases.

“The officers at the ministry will later make a follow up on the details surrounding the murders,” Charles said.

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