Police Clarify on Prisoner Riding Motorcycle

The police have explained circumstances under which a prisoner was seen riding a motorcycle belonging to the force.

A photo of the unidentified person donning a yellow prisons uniform and riding a police motorcycle made rounds on social media the entire weekend, prompting many to ask circumstances under which such a scenario would happen.

Police have however confirmed the identity of the Prisoner as Babylon Anywar and that the development happened in Kitgum , in Northern Uganda.

Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye explained that the prisoner was a mechanic testing a police motorcycle.

“Two weeks ago, the OC Station requested the Prison authorities to help them out with Prisoner Babylon Anywar, a motorcycle repairer,” Kasingye said.

According to the police mouthpiece, there are not so many mechanics in Kitgum town prompting police to seek services of a prisoner.

He was snapped going to buy spare parts.

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