Police Clarifies On New Rebel Group Reports

Police in Aswa region have come out to dispel reports that emerged this week of a new rebel group cod-named B13, that is reportedly terrorizing people in Bungatira Sub-county in Gulu district.

The regional police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema   says the information that circulated on Social Media which was even picked up some national media houses quoting the Gulu RDC was “either misconceived or mentioned by error”.

Okema clarified that while a group named B13 exists in the area, it is simply a violent criminal group and not a rebel group.

The group he says, majorly consists of street goons formed for survival, whose activities include grabbing handbags, simple robbery, theft and theft.

He adds that so far 67 members of this group have been arrested and are on remand at Gulu Central Prison.

According to Amos Lakidi, the Councilor 5 for Bwongatira Sub-county, B13, are just criminal gangs of youths who normally waylay people on the way and attack them but they are not rebels as portrayed in the Media.


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