Police Boss Odongo Appointed Public Prosecutor amid Strike

By Arafat Nzito

As the nationwide industrial action by the judicial sector continues to affect the law enforcement department, the Director of Public Prosecutions Mike Chibita has appointed a Senior Superintendent of Police Mark Odongo to act as a public prosecutor.

And according to an October 24 appointment letter issued by DPP Chibita, Odongo will also maintain his duties as a police officer.

Judges are holding their second strike in the year following delayed response from government on settling their demands.

These strikes have on several times affected police operations as it fails to commit criminals to courts of law within the specified 48 hours.

“We are currently faced with a problem of the judicial industrial action; we hope this will be resolved as quickly as possible because it affects us,” said the Police Spokesperson, AIGP Asan Kasingye while addressing the media on Monday.

Kasingye said that there are people that have committed offences, whose cases have been sanctioned but can’t be produced before Court due to the strike.

“We want as much as possible to abide by the 24 hours rule but we are unable due to the prosecutors’ strike,” Kasingye said.


He noted that the police is currently in a dilemma on what to do with capital offenders whom they find it hard to give a police bond.

“There are other people arrested by police after they were on the run even to other countries, so when you bring him, do you offer a police bond with all that you have done to apprehend him even from another country?” Kasingye wondered.

SSP Mark Odongo has been appointed for a one year contract.

Odongo works with the criminal investigations division with in the Uganda police.

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