Police Boss Accused Of Receiving Shs5m Bribe To Sit On Sodomy Case Against Head Teacher

A parent has called for disciplinary action against the police officer in charge of Soroti Police Station for allegedly receiving a Shs5m bribe and sitting on a case in which a student was allegedly sodomized by a secondary school head teacher.

The parent, Mr Stephen Okiror, in his letter to the Police Professional Standards Unit, accuses Mr Stephen Ojok of ignoring the complaints raised by Aaron Opuwa, a student of Halcyon High School, Soroti who reported that Mr Adunya Marcel, the school head teacher, had sodomised him and caused him serious health problems.

“The eye witnesses who were near the police, observed the boy running with blood stains on his shirt and in his hands. The buy then upon reaching the police station at the counter, narrated how the accused has been sodomising him. On this particular fateful day, the suspect’s penis was cut by the student while trying to force him into the act in his office,” Mr Okiror’s letter dated 21st June reads in part.

According to the parent, the incident occurred in 2016.

“On 10th June 2016, a case was opened up against Mr. Adunya Mercel, who is the Head teacher of the same school, but the case was soiled (silently buried) though a case under case number CRB 633/2016 was opened up at Soroti central police station.”

“The boy sodomized in 2016 was a 17 year old, the school administration has had little say to the act since then, meaning it’s an engrained act by the head teacher, and it sends signals that many of such innocent students have continued to be victims of sodomy under the watch of Halcyon High School board and its management,” the letter, which is also copied to the Inspector General of Police and the Uganda Human Rights Commission adds.+

Mr Okiror adds that instead of punishing the head teacher, the police officer turned against the student and locked him up.

“Aaron Opuwa, instead of being helped to secure justice was locked in police cells vide lock up No.1629/2019, as cover up to prevent havin the information being spread to the general public. This was a procedural illegality by OC Ojok Stephen in accordance with how statements from complainants are taken…,” he adds.


The parent adds that Mr. Adunya while accepted to compensate the boy’s parents, Mr and Mrs Okalebo Daniel and settle the matter out of court, was not charged or held responsible.

Mr Okiror adds that as a result, Mr. Adunya has continued to sodomise boys at the school and left many tormented as they fear reporting him.

He demands immediate action against the police officer and the suspect.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga confirmed receipt of the letter and that investigations are ongoing.



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