Police Bans Politicians’ Private Meetings at Their Residences

Police has come out and cautioned the public especially politicians from holding private meetings at their residences.

This was revealed by spokesperson Fred Enanga in a Monday security briefing held at Naguru headquarters in Kampala.

According to Mr Enanga, such meetings in private homes are illegal and should be stopped immediately.

“We are going to inform our commanders to work with only those political actors who keep their activities within the law. All those who don’t keep their activities under the law, you’re aware we are granted powers and discretion in policing assemblies and public meetings,” Police said

Mr Enanga reaffirmed that police shall be able to legitimately dismiss illegal meetings using the provisions of the public order management Act.

According to the Police mouthpiece, private homes don’t possess enough requirements to hold public gatherings and exposes them to dangers.

In a private residence he says, there is one toilet, one bathroom yet the person is holding a public meeting of about 700 people in his/her compound.

“Now even if it is your private home, once it is a matter of public interest where you have the public gathered in your home, it has to meet the provisions of public order management Act,” Mr Enanga said


The police ban on private meeting comes hot on heels as the country enters into yet another political season leading to the 2021 general elections.


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