Police Arrests 32 Traders for Selling Merchandise from Car Boots

Kampala Metropolitan Police has arrested 32 traders in downtown Kampala for flouting guidelines that were put in place to fight the spread of Covid-19.

The arrest followed a joint security operation targeting people who had turned their vehicles into merchandise shops, and those that were not wearing Masks.

“A total of 32 suspects were arrested and are charged with doing a negligent act that is likely to spread the infectious coronavirus disease,” said KMP deputy spokesperson ASP Luke Owoyesigire

The suspects were arrested from areas of Kikubo, Mini Price, and Wilson Road.

According to Police, many of the suspects had turned their private vehicles into markets and were not following guidelines of social distancing while selling. Some of them were selling clothes and customers would try the clothes on until they get one that fits or looked good on them, an act police believe would lead to the spread of the coronavirus disease.

One of the culprits escaping arrest.

Reports indicate that traders especially those that work from city arcades have started sneaking out stocks from their shops which are still under lockdown and selling from the streets.

“We continue to caution the public to move with masks in public and at all costs follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health,” Owoyesigire said

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