Police Arrests 22 Men, 13  Girls In City Brothel Raid

Katwe police is holding up to 22  men who were arrested in compromising situations with 13 under age girls in a  brothel located in Katwe, a Kampala city surbub.
According to ASP Luke Owoyesigire the KMP deputy spokesperson, the intelligence led operation in which the suspects were arrested was conducted on Saturday night at around 8pm in areas of Base Zone in Katwe by Clock Tower Police station.
“The group  were found in a brothel. Three pairs of female juveniles were found in compromising positions with male adults,” Owoyesigire said in a statement.
This brothel is allegedly operated by a one Muhwezi Mustapha who has also been arrested. He is a resident of the same place and is alleged to be trafficking unsuspecting female juveniles from upcountry to recruit them into prostitution.
The suspects now face charges including Defilement,  trafficking in persons , Procuring defilement, doing acts  likely to cause the spread of an infectious disease, operating a brothel among others.
All suspects are currently detained at Katwe Police and Natete respectively as investigations are underway.
Meanwhile, Katwe Police is in touch with the Gender based Violence desk to handle the rehabilitation process of the juveniles .
In a related operation over 90 people were arrested at midnight  at Front page hotel Zaana. Police said that they were found flaunting Covid-19 guidlines.
Detectives have preferred to investigate allegations of doing a negligent act likely to spread an infectious disease.
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