POEM ANALYSIS: What Did You Do – Video

By Daniel Omara

“What Did You Do” is a poem that embodies Ugandans’ disappointments in the NRM government and questions the contribution each citizen has made in light of these failings and injustices.

The poem was adopted from the NRM 10 Point Programme; a document in which the regime inscribed its thoughts about Uganda as of 1986 and their promises for Ugandans.

30 years later, the poet examines what the regime (he) said in 1986 and what the regime (he) became, before questioning what the citizens did in their individual capacities to that effect.

Daniel Omara is a 20 year old written and spoken word poet currently in his S.6 vacation having completed High School from St. Mary’s College Kisubi.

He is also founder of VERSE IN VAC, a poetry platform that has been giving an opportunity to students in their S.4 and S.6 vacations to have a worthwhile experience with written and spoken word poetry since 2014.

Omara also works under Open Mic Uganda, who are set to treat lovers of art to a spectacular music and poetry experience in a unique live performance gala slated for July 29.

Dubbed “My Uganda”, the fun-filled art affair will be held at Kahwa2go, Ntinda Complex starting from 7pm.

Watch the What Did You Do here:

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