Poem Analysis: The African Night Queen – Video

By Murray Shiraz Eaik (Black Poet)

The African night queen is a poem I wrote about the African woman – her strengths and struggles.

The beauty of her soul and how she knows nothing about it; how every day is not new from yesterday and how she has been made to believe that her beauty lies in coating her skin with makeup.

It also talks about westernizing Africa in a deeper conversation.

I write poetry that usually paints dark tales of shame, regret, broken hearts and all things negative.

I believe darkness hasn’t been represented or talked about enough and it’s the reason I choose to take the direction in my creation.

Murray Shiraz Eaik (Black Poet) is one of the directors of Open Mic Uganda, who are set to treat lovers of art to a spectacular music and poetry experience in a unique live performance gala slated for July 29.

Dubbed “My Uganda”, the fun-filled art affair will be held at Kahwa2go, Ntinda Complex starting from 7pm.

Watch the African Night Queen here:

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