PLE: Results of 1,512 Candidates Withheld Over Malpractice

Results of 1,512 candidates who sat the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) have been withheld over malpractice.

While releasing the results in Kampala on Friday, he UNEB executive secretary Mr Daniel Odongo said while malpractice was manifested in form of cases of external assistance given to candidates by third parties inside the examination rooms and because of this, about 61 people were arrested.

“There were several instances of fake papers circulated prior to the examination. Sixty one persons have so far been arrested from various parts of the country and charged. Many gullible schools bought these papers and used them to teach the children overnight on the eve of the examination,” he said.

“Such children were greatly disorganized on finding different questions in the examination papers. Markers found in some candidates’ scripts excuses such as “this is not the paper we are to do,” “this is not our examination,” he added.

However, Mr Odongo said this is much lower than the 3,346 withheld in 2018 PLE.

“Schools whose results are withheld will be notified through their District Inspectors of Schools. Those candidates who will be cleared will have their results released. After the hearings are concluded the Board will publish in the media the list of schools and districts from which results will have been cancelled,” he said.

Janet Museveni, Education Minister, said: “It is sad to know that teachers and parents are leading students into examination Mal-practices. What society are we building? Some students failed because led them into Malpractice and found different questions in the exams.”

Analysis of results indicates that of 683,433 candidates, 39,182 (11.9%) males scored Grade One, while 30,061 (8.5%) females scored the same grade. A total of 159,923 (48.4%) males were in Division Two, against 158,232 (44.6%) girls in Division Two. A total of 60,244 boys (18.2%) were in Division 3, against 80,176 girls (22.6%). A total of 43,868 (13.3%) boys were in Division 4 while 45,464 scored the same grade (12.3%). More girls (39,176 -11.0%) than boys (26,976 – 8.2%) failed PLE with Division U.

Mr Odongo said analysis by gender indicated that 336,040 (48.3%) boys were registered compared to 359,764 (51.7%) girls, indicating that more girls than boys completed the Primary Education cycle.

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