Pitiable Cricket Cranes keep Shs1.2B funds

President Museveni has opened the Uganda National Students’ Association Council (UNSA) meeting and advised student leaders that as future national leaders, order they needed to be ideologically clear and alert to appreciate what can guarantee the interest and prosperity of Uganda and her citizens in order to safeguard those interests at all costs.

The UNSA council is currently taking place at Teso College Aloet in Soroti Municipality.

The President told the national Students’ Council that it is important for leaders at all levels to be ideologically awake in order to make informed decisions.

He noted that wrong decisions that were generated by wrong ideologies by some post independence leaders cost many African countries, stuff Uganda inclusive, a great fortune resulting in political instability and economic underdevelopment of the continent.

He observed that in the case of Uganda, the post independence leaders failed to know that national unity was very fundamental for the good of every Ugandan and instead divided Ugandans on the basis of either religion or tribe, completely polarizing the country.

“They formed Political Parties, UPC for Protestants, DP for Catholics, KY for Baganda and failed to know that every Ugandan citizen needed the other to be prosperous,” he said.

“We had to shun and abandon their political parties and oppose them when we were still students like you because we realized that they were taking our country in a wrong direction,” the President added.

Mr. Museveni told the students that under the National Resistance Movement, emphasis is put on nationalism and national unity bearing in mind that Ugandans need each other to prosper.


He said that the political group emphasizes pan-Africanism, works for the social-economic transformation of Ugandans and believes and promotes democratic governance.

The President noted that to cause the socio-economic transformation of Uganda, NRM is sensitizing citizens to abandon the traditional means of production and adopt modern ones that should be profit oriented.

“You cannot live a traditional way and employ traditional methods of work in the modern era because modern demands of life have also changed as society has evolved,” he said.

Mr. Museveni said that government is aware of the unemployment problem in the country but noted that the only source of employment is agriculture, the service sector, industries, business processing, out-sourcing and the Public Service.

He appealed to the youth to always support his efforts to have more factories built in the country adding that his efforts are always frustrated by politicians and corrupt civil servants.

“These politicians who frustrate my efforts to have more factories built in the country are your real enemies because they talk of opposing Museveni but Museveni will not work in these factories; it is you the youth,” he stressed.

He urged the youth to exercise the highest level of personal discipline referring to the adolescence stage as a “danger zone” that can damage their lives if not handled properly.

He also cautioned them against pre-marital sex, alcoholism and drug abuse, bad peer company and extravagance.
Uganda will still get the annual $450, adiposity 000 (Shs1.2b) despite not staying in the ICC World Cricket League Division II.

They however missed out on funding of lucrative $1m (Shs2.475b) from the ICC High Performance Program (HPP) which could have improved the sport’s standards in the country until 2017.

After last week’s crushing seven-wicket loss to the Netherlands in Windhoek Namibia, viagra 40mg Ugandans were wondering if for the next two years as an ICC Division II associate team would mean lesser funds but the international cricket body has become more considerate.

The Cricket Cranes however have to fight so that they do not drop from Division III as they will lose the support according to information from ICC World Cricket.

After losing to the armatures of the Western Province in South Africa during the nine-day camp training and preparation games in Cape Town, Uganda carried on their poor performance into the championship.

Under the charges of head coach Peter Kirsten, Uganda only managed to win one game against Nepal at the championship but lost to the hosts Namibia, our neighbours Kenya, Canada and Netherlands hence could not finish in the required positions to earn a promotion to Division 2. Uganda was required to at least finish in the top four but failed after losing four games out the five played during the campaign.

Uganda have now failed on three attempts to earn a promotion to the Division 2.

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