Pine Car Bond Murder Survivor Breaks Down in Court

Hearing of the murder case against the proprietor of Pine Car Bond Muhammad Sebuufu and 7 others, kicked off amid heightened emotions as one of the survivors of the alleged murder testified before High Court judge Anglin Senoga, with tears rolling down his face.

31 year Old Amon Mwesigye, currently a student at LDC narrated to court how he fought daringly to save his life at the time he was kidnapped together with deceased businesswoman Donah Katushabe.

Sebuufu and his co-accused are said, according to Prosecution, to have tortured Mrs Katushabe to death, over a Shs 9million debt arising from a car purchase.

Mr Mwesigye, who took to the stand as the third witness, informed court that at the time of the murder in 2015, he was working as a Records Assistant at Atugonza Kobusingye and Company Advocates in Kampala.

He says on 21st October 2015, one his workmates Peter Tumusiime was assigned by Counsel Allen to follow up the matter at Pine Car Bond, where their client Katushabe had been kidnapped and was being beaten by the ‘Kanyamas.’

While they were still talking, he says, his boss Counsel Allen received a call from the captor himself Sebuufu, which she put on loud speaker and heard him asking her to produce the money before 7 pm that day or her client was to die

Mwesigye says he went to a police post near Ambassador House where he reported the matter and was referred to Central Police Station since it was a big case.

From Police, he says, he went to Pine where he found about 40 people to whom he introduced himself and presented a work Identity Card


“I showed my ID and Sebuufu asked if I had his money. He said if I didn’t have the money I wouldn’t be allowed to go back because it seemed we were playing games with him. He added that other lawyers were going to learn from me,” Mwesigye narrated.

The witness says Sebuufu called out the name Golola and all of a sudden bouncers surrounded him, lifted him up by the collar and started punching him while he dangled in the air.

He says Sebuufu later made a phone call to a one Kiwanuka, who he accused along with other lawyers of helping thieves to get away with his 25 Toyota TX Prados.

“Sebuufu took away my phone and ordered his men to take me behind his office for treatment. As they lifted me, I grabbed Sebuufu’s shirt and pleaded with him telling him I didn’t deserve this” Mwesigye narrated in tears.

He says all the while he was in shock because all this happened as the Police officers from CPS were present and did nothing.

Later on, he says they were taken to CPS in one of Sebuufu’s car in company of Police officers but on reaching the station, the officers got out of the car and he Katushabe who was in critical condition were driven away at a very high speed.

“I looked behind but Police was not following us. One of the bouncers in the co-driver’s seat asked us to do what is necessary before it is late. In fear of being taken back to Pine, when we reached the Commercial Court junction, I jumped out of the car.”

He says the car luckily didn’t stop and that he got a bodaboda which drove him to Nakulabye. The next thing he heard was that Mrs Katushabe had passed away.

Court will be sitting again next week on Monday when the witnesses will be cross examined.

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