PICTURES: Wild Roast and Rhyme; a New Safari Experience

The just concluded ‘Wild Roast and Rhyme’ was a weekend activity with an exceptional, COVID-safe safari experience to the magnificent Murchison Falls National Park.

Located in North-western Uganda, Murchison Falls is the oldest and largest national park in Uganda located on the shores of Lake Albert and dissected by the mighty River Nile.

The park is famous for its rich diversity in wildlife, with 451 bird species and over 76 types of mammal including lions, buffaloes, elephants, hippos, kobs, giraffes and many more.

The Wild Roast and Rhyme was a commendable engagement aimed at promoting domestic tourism to breathe life back into the tourism and hospitality sector, which have been grappling with the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wild Roast and Rhyme kicked off on Friday 11th December with attendees undergoing mandatory temperature checks before accessing the transportation.

The first night was dubbed “The BonFyre Friday”- a laid-back evening around a bonfire featuring spoken word poetry and Hip Hop from one of the pioneers of the Lugaflow genre, the legendary Babaluku and his heavily talented associate, Spyda MC.

Day two of the activities featured a four-hour game drive through the park, which saw attendees take in the beautiful savannah grasslands while marvelling at the different species of wildlife that Uganda is famous for.

A beautiful morning for the King of the jungle to take a stroll.

The game drive also saw songstresses, Winnie Nwagi and Azawi, join the tour in what speculators say may trigger the first duet from the two appreciating Uganda’s natural beauty, much like Tarrus Riley’s hit song titled ‘Uganda.’

Registration was mandatory for every one taking on the Wild Roast and Rhyme.

The evening climaxed with the usual barbecue experience for the meat lovers as the attendees were serenaded by an improvised band – different artists who had never worked together before but came together to entertain socially-distanced guests with live performances of classics from great names including Madoxx Ssematimba and Les Wayinka of the Sina Makosa fame among others.

It wasn’t the other Roast and Rhyme where one went without a mask.

The next afternoon took a surprise turn when serial entrepreneur and Swangz Avenue founder, Julius Kyazze, grabbed a turntable and summoned his disc spinning alter ego – DJ Kyazze – to entertain the guests with a well-executed set.

There were also performances from Azawi and Winnie Nwagi, backed by the live band that saw the emcee, Roger Mugisha, lead the attendees and organisers in bidding a special farewell to Francis Kirabira, the outgoing Bell brand manager, who is taking on a new posting out of the country and is famous for his passion for Ugandan music.

Hand washing and sanitizing was mandatory.

The last day of The Wild Roast and Rhyme started with a nature walk through the park, with attendees taking in the breath-taking scenery and the wild animals in their natural habitat, led by local guides and the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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