Pictures: UBL Treats Revelers To Unforgettable Baileys Picnic & Movie Experience

When you hear classic picnic, the first thing that comes to your mind should be a nice chill, with family and friends, right? That was the mood at the Baileys Picnic and movie experience that happened on Saturday at Sheraton Hotel gardens.

Beauties posing for a photo at the Baileys Picnic and Movie experience event

Revelers started coming in as early at 2 Pm and it was indeed a classic picnic event under the sun.

The bar offered sweet Bailey treats and cocktails, there was also a make-up artist on hand offering full make overs to interested parties.

You got it,you got it wrong,these ladies real enjoyed the picnic

There was entertainment from Body of Brian, the unsurpassed Afrie and the smooth Jc Muyonjo, who treated those in attendance to live acoustic melodies as they sipped on masterfully crafted Bailey’s cocktails.

When the sun set, the light dimmed and yes!it was show time. The attention was diverted to the giant screen for the filming of ‘Love and Basketball’ (2000), an American romantic drama film.

The Baileys Picnic Movie is an outdoor classic studded afternoon-long event that is aimed at bringing picnic mood in a vibrant environment filled with fun activities.

Real Picnic:Ladies enjoying Baileys cocktails,food at the event
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