PICTURES: UBC’s Ritah Aliguma Weds Slovenian Sugar Daddy

Ritah Aliguma, a sports presenter at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) is taken after finally getting hitched to her longtime Slovenian sugar daddy boyfriend Jose Zidar.

The pair walked down the aisle on Wednesday and hosted a few close friends and family members at a simple but cozy reception at Speke Resort Munyonyo on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Before that, Ritah introduced Zidar to her parents in Hoima where the relatively older Slovenian was given the green light to have their daughter for keeps.

I DO, Rita exchanges vows with Jose Zidar

The couple’s great friend Nelon Gerrard summarized Ritah and Zidar’s love story with a gift poem he read out: “He kept looking at me stealthily throughout the day. I could not predict what he was up to really because he looked calm and innocent. Later in the day, after the congress, he walked up to me and said:

‘You are beautiful; I love your seductive smile’. Honestly I felt flattered – it came as a pleasant surprise out of my imagination. Unsure of how to respond to him appropriately, I said ‘thank you’. He smiled and said ‘wow’.

A happy looking Ritah Aliguma

Besides being sports presenter, Ritah is the Vice President of Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA), and the first female to hold that position. She is also an executive member of the Association of International Press Association (AIPS) African bureau.

Ritah rode a white horse as her hubby walked

Zidar is also into sports administration; he is the president of Slovenia Sports Press Association.

Ritah and Zidar met years back on Facebook exchanged contacts and kept in touch. They met again in South Korea and then Brussels where he asked her out and then expressed his desire to make her his wife.

Ritah with hubby Jose Zidar

On her birthday in June this year, Zidar visited Ritah’s parents and asked for her hand in marriage in a traditional ‘Kukyala’ ceremony.

Ritah Aliguma on her introduction
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