Pictures: Tight Race In Sheema; FDC Leaders Arrested

Security was tight through most of Monday as voters in Sheema North cast their ballots for the new area MP.

While the exercise was peaceful in many parts of the constituency, incidents of violence, complaints and arrests were recorded at a number of polling stations.

Dispatch of polling materials started normally in the morning at 4; 00am at Kigarama sub county headquarters.

These were directly delivered to various polling stations by supervisors from neighboring districts and others from headquarters.

Police and the military maintain a bug presence

However at around 11am chaos broke out at Katooma Central; and former Ishaka Municipality MP Odo Tayebwa was picked up by police while he tried to forcefully cross check the registers without the presiding officers’ consent.

Later, FDC’s chairman in Mbarara Municipality Stanley Katembeya was also picked from Kanyeganyege trading centre.

Deployment at Kigarama sub county headquarters

When our reporter visited Sheema police station at around 3; 00pm, the suspects were still in detention.

The area DPC Henry Mukiza told us the duo was causing violence, but promised that they would be released after elections.

Voting taking place in Masheruka

“All these were warned yesterday.    Once arrested you will be released after our peaceful elections” he said

Meanwhile, tallying of the final results will take place at the district council hall this evening as soon as results are received from polling stations.

According to preliminary results the two candidates seemed neck to neck with slight margins winning in different polling stations as shown below;

Runyinya catholic polling station; Naome Kibaaju (NRM) 152-Guma Nuwagaba (FDC) 79, (Omukitokye) Kibaaju 92-Guma 209-(Buhihi) Kibaaju 143-Guma 43, (Kyangundu) Kibaaju 70-Guma 35, (Kyangyenyi) Kibaaju 206-Guma 108, (Masheruka) Kibaaju 90-Guma 20, (Kanyeganyege) Kibaaju 81-Guma 87, (Katooma) Kibaaju 82-Guma 87, (Visionary primary) Kibaaju 72-Guma 104, (St Andrews) Kibaaju 124-Guma 148, (Nyabwina) Kibaaju 137-Guma 120, (Kyabahiija) Kibaaju 92-Guma 145, (Kakindo) Kibaaju 133-Guma 193.


Sheema North constituency has two town councils; Kakindo and Masheruka with a total of 3 sub counties of Kigarama, Masheruka and Kyangyenyi.

It has 65 polling stations and with a voter population standing at 34,575.


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