PICTURES: Glitz and Glamour Rule ‘The Fashion Revolution Expo’ Second Edition

It was glitz and glamour at Sheraton hotel in Kampala as the Fashion Revolution Expo took place.

With the Covid-19 restrictions, the second edition of the event was held virtually save for the lucky few who attended the event.

When one walked to Sheraton on Sunday 6, they would admire the fact that Uganda is ‘getting there’ as far as fashion is concerned. The girls, ladies, Women, men, fashion designs were all on point as different incredible designers and models across the country gathered for a common cause; fashion showcase.

The fashion event treated fashion enthusiast to wonderfully crafted fashion designs from different fashion designers in the country and to ensure no one missed it, the event was streamed live on TFRE social media pages.

Amazing, chic, easy, classy, cool, cute, fabulous, classic and fancy was the most suitable way one would describe The Fashion Revolution Expo.

The Fashion Revolution Expo is a movement that supports, develops, promotes and establishes people in arts and fashion, by giving them a platform to reach a global market.

This year’s edition comprised of a runway with presentations highlighting designers’ collections with inspiration drawn mostly from fashion, beauty and elegance as well as youth and female empowerment.


The 2020 edition running under the theme’Dipped in Fashion, Bronzed in Beauty and Elegance,’ brought together fine models with exquisite fashion concepts showcased on the runway.

Some of the designers included; Zoe-Girl Couture, JK Plus Size Fashions, Ethereal, Moriah, Duh Tah Fashion and Tesi School of Fashions.

Addressing the media, Vivianna Zoe, the brains behind the expo and Zoe-Girl Couture revealed that, “The Expo is intended to foster talent and skill among young, passionate and artistic designers by giving them a platform to showcase their designs.”

She added: “The Fashion Revolution Expo is the first of a kind fashion event that brings together different designers to share a stage, and I believe if we work together towards a common goal, there is a lot we can achieve.”

“The role played by financing or strategic investments from key stakeholders like the government is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly for it can go a long was in boosting our Fashion Industry to greater heights and by so doing, more opportunities will be created in the long run for individuals and companies that have heavily invested their time, finances or resources in the Fashion Industry,” noted.

The event was graced by some of the acclaimed personalities including Joram Muzira, Creative Director and CEO of Joram Model Management, media personality Solomon Sserwanja who was accompanied by his wife, Cedric Singleton, ‎Black Market Records President, the distinguished teacher, Rabbi Daniel Malinga, among other few invited guests who watched the proceeding at Sheraton Hotel Kampala while the rest of the audience joined in virtually.

To spice the event the more, guests were thrilled with an outstanding performance from sensational saxophonist, Jose Sax.

The Fashion revolution expo is set to host the coming editions in regional markets indulging, Kenya and Dubai among others as it eyes the global market.

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