PICTURES: All You Need to Know About Zari’s Nemesis Mange Kimambi

Two days back, social media was awash with news that socialite Zari Hassan was arrested and detained at an airport in UK for sixteen hours ahead of her 38th birthday celebrations.

Reports indicate that the ageing but gorgeous light skinned mother of five was arrested and detained by UK immigration over what was believed to have been citizenship issues.

As soon as the news of her detention reached Zari’s longtime Tanzanian nemesis Mange Kimambi, the latter posted on social media claiming the Ugandan socialite was using a fake passport to gain entry in the Queen’s land.

Zari Hassan on her Birthday in UK

Kimambi also added that Zari is lying about her age as she is 43 years contrary to the 38 years she celebrated turning.

To that effect, Kimambi went ahead and shared a copy of what is believed to have been Zari’s passport showing the latter was actually born on 23 September 1978 and not 1980 as she claims.

The copy of Zari’s passport Mange Kimambi shared

The two women do not see eye to eye and it is not clear how the bad blood between started but it became public in June this year after Zari shared a Father’s Day message, saluting the later Ivan Semwanga for the support he provided when he was still alive but ignored the father of her two kids, singer Diamond Platnumz.

“Happy father’s day to me, the late Don and all the women playing both roles. We are the real MVPs….. gone but you still here for us in all possible ways. We miss you!” read Zari’s message.

Mange Kimambi

The message attracted mixed reactions from her followers prompting Kimambi to question why Zari snubbed the ‘African beauty’ singer, yet she stays in his house in South Africa.


Kimambi challenged the socialite cum businesswoman to move out of Diamond’s house if she doesn’t recognize him as the father of her kids.

This was after Zari parted ways with the Tanzanian singer over irreconcilable differences stemming from infidelity related issues.

ChimpLyf brings you all you need to know about Mange Kimambi who giving Zari’s sleepless nights.

Who is Mange Kimambi?

Like Zari, she is a socialite turned activist who before she jumped to prominence as an activist was in her own right a well-known blogger who was known for bringing little known details and gossips about celebrities and prominent people in Tanzania and the diaspora.

In 2015, she was projected onto the political scene after the ruling party CCM decided to use influencers during the campaign, among them Kimambi, to publicize and push its presidential candidate John Pombe Magufuli.

This was deemed necessary as the opposition party fielded the popular Edward Lowassa who had moved from CCM to the main opposition party CHADEMA which had a huge youth following.

She rightly used Instagram to post videos from the campaign trail, praising candidate Magufuli, ridiculing Lowassa and making support for Magufuli a fun game like the push up challenge after CCM presidential candidate Magufuli did a few push up presses to prove his physical fitness. Magufuli won and is now President of Tanzania.

Mange Kimambi is a socialite turned activist

Early in the President’s term, Kimambi started criticizing the administration for curtailing freedom of expression including the switching-off of the live broadcast of the parliament sessions which had become regular programming on the public television TBC.

Subsequently, Mange Kimambi’s fallout with the administration deepened. Her Instagram page has since become the source of hope and outlet for frustrations of Tanzanians including anonymous civil servants who leak information and internal memos to her.

Also citizens from around the country send her videos and photos of poor public service delivery which she posts and comments on.

Some of her followers have complained about her foul language and her direct and personal attacks on the President and some members of his government.

Love Life

She has been married to an American dude named Lowery since 2008 and the two stay together in Los Angeles, USA with their three children, two sons and a daughter.

Mange Kimambi with her husband Lowery and kids.


Kimambi is reported to have had a very luxurious life growing up considering she was a daughter of a successful construction businessman. Even when he passed away, she maintained the lifestyle until she met her husband. Like Zari, she well-traveled and has been all over the world; UK, UAE, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, Canada and India among many others. Kimambi is said to be very short tempered and this has earned her a number of sworn enemies back home in Tanzania from all walks of life with her controversial comments.

Mange Kimambi showing off her physique


She is an entrepreneur with two online shops, and Hollywood Shopaholics. She is a blogger exclusively sponsored by Vodacom Tanzania.

Before that she worked with Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank Dubai and Dubai World Bank. She has been described as ambitious, vigorous and charitable as well.

Mange Kimambi loves the good life
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