PICTORIAL: Ugandan MPs Fight in Parliament Chambers

The Uganda democracy suffered a major blow on Wednesday as opposition lawmakers used fists, microphones and chairs to fight with security officials on the floor of Parliament.

It all started with Speaker Rebecca Kadaga suspending several opposition MPs who on Tuesday were accused of misconduct.

A few minutes after reading their names, the adamant MPs refused to leave the tense plenary session held under tight security.

This prompted the visibly irritated Speaker to suspend the House for 30 minutes until the group exited.

As soon as the Speaker left the house, several security officers were seen entering into the chambers to eject whoever was suspended.

It’s at this time that the MPs started fighting, vandalizing the entire house.

Some opposition MPs were seen attacking NRM lawmakers. Female MPs screamed for help as chairs flew in the air.

All the hanging and stand-up microphones in the House were broken and used for battle.


Bobi Wine was standing atop the Chamber Table, wielding a microphone arm.

Parliament is currently under control of security officers who evicted and caused the arrest of MPs opposed to removal of the presidential age limit of 75 years.

Below are the pictures of today’s chaos in Parliament.


Opposition MPs using chairs to fight security


MP Sewanyana (in red cap) throwing a chair at Parliament security personnel



MP Karuhanga (in red tie) charges at the Seargent at Arms


Security men in plain clothes battling an opposition MP


This female MP collapsed during today’s fighting in Parliament


Armed security personnel in action


An opposition MP being led out of the House by security officers


The MP putting up resistance during the scuffle


Former  Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Katumba Wamala (in plain white shirt) appeals for calm


Female security officers pushing an opposition MP out of Parliament


Bobi Wine takes cover as the battle raged on

bOBI 3

Bobi Wine (red cap) takes position as fellow opposition MPs charge at the security men

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