Photos:Meet Those Who Attended ‘Pulse Jam Fest’ Featuring Chronixx

Saturday evening was not business usual as reggae lovers flocked in to Sheraton for the Pulse Jam Fest featuring Jamaican reggae singer Chronixx.

The event dubbed ‘Pulse Jam Fest,’attracted men and women with dreadlocks from all the corners of the World.

With not too much freedom,at least our corps nabbed most of the rastas smoking weed both out side and inside the venue.The question to be asked is how one could sneak in with such substance even when the security was at it’s peak.

On reaching the venue,one was welcomed by its smell which not even the hotel food aroma could not change.

Well,below are photos of those who attended the show;

she was happy to attend Chronixx live on show
Revelers dancing to the reggae tunes at the event
Now look at this pose
getting a ticket was not an easy thing,one had to make a lot of calls

This was a stanch reggae fan
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