Photos: Zari Introduces Mum to Instagram, Video Games

Socialite Zari Hassan has now taken her showbiz antics to the next level with her introducing her mum to socialite life of living a light life and playing Video games.

Photos seen by ChimpLyf show Zari with her mum, story medical http://cirquebijou.co.uk/wp-admin/maint/repair.php brother and sons in their living room concentrating on a football video game with the old woman closely following and cheering the proceedings.

ChimpLyf understands that ever since she was brought to live with her daughter in Muyenga, sickness the old woman has tried to learn a lot of things from her children and grandchildren including using smart phone applications like Facebook, view Instagram and WhatsApp.

It will be remembered that after separating with Zari, Rich Gang Chairman, Ivan Semwanga left the Muyenga home in the hands of his estranged wife and children.

Though the socialite has been faced with a pile of controversies of late, Zari has not been stopped from concentrating on her life and being able to take care of her family which really looks happy in the photos.

She is also looking after her sick sister who was recently struck by a strange ailment.

The happy family following the video game match
The happy family following the video game match


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