Photos: When Ugandan Women Marched For Their Lives

The date 30th June will forever be written in Ugandan history for being the first ever successful demonstration protected by police took place.

Women showing placards

Hundreds of people on Saturday morning poured onto the streets of Kampala from Centenary Park to protest against the incessant murders of women and the lack of adequate action by the authorities.

The protest dubbed “One Million Women’s March” saw many protesters wear black torn t-shirts with names and images of women who were recently murdered by unknown people as they walked chanting ‘women lives’ matter around the city.

Even men joined the cause

Not only was it embraced by women, but by also men, kids and people of dignitaries joined the drive.

Among the many dignitaries were American Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac and the French Ambassador Stephanie Rivoal.

Ambassador Deborah on the walk

The match was spear-headed by Stella Nyanzi who for long has looked for accreditation from police but couldn’t get one until when she decided to petition the Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo asking him to rescind the IGP’s decision.

Frank Gashumba

On Friday, Police granted permission to the protest, urging the group to desist from criminal acts during the march.

US Ambassador talking to the French Ambassador before the march
Coffins to represent the many women who have died




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