PHOTOS: UNRA To Start Work on $147m Kampala Flyover Project

The Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) is expediting plans to commence the much-anticipated $147M Kampala Flyover Construction and Road Upgrading Project.

The ambitious infrastructure development scheme that will see flyovers erected at Kitgum House, Garden City and Clock Tower junctions is being funded by a loan from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

“We’re equally upbeat about this project. It carries massive improvements in the existing road alignment, ” said a UNRA official on Tuesday.

Mukwano road and Africana junction and interfacing roads will be widened to mitigate traffic congestion within the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The construction work commences early 2017 if all goes according to plan
The construction work commences early 2017 if all goes according to plan

Recently, major junctions and roads have been seriously congested in Kampala due to increase of traffic volume associated with rapid population and economic growth, which officials say may cause an adverse effect to economic growth in surrounding regions.

It is understood that the designs of the project are complete with UNRA now embarking on the procurement process.

Government wants the 3-year-project to start by early next year.

By modernizing major junctions that are particularly congested as well as widening existing roads in the road network of Kampala city, this Project is anticipated to contribute to improve traffic congestions in the city, increase safety of pedestrians and bicycles and reduce air pollution.

It will also open up the city to the northern trade corridor which gives the country a competitive advantage.

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