Photos: Tumukunde, Security Face off at Rwenzori Sub Region Rally

Presidential candidate, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde was on Monday involved in a scuffle with officers of Uganda Police Force (UPF) and the Uganda people’s Defense Forces, whom he accused of attempting to intimidate his supporters and block his maiden rally at Nyakatonze playground, in Hima Division, Kasese District.

Tumukunde started receiving security resistance on his way to the playground from Katungulu Bridge in Kisinga Town Council and Kikongolo Division in Kasese District, where security led by both police and the army had heavily deployed.

Some police officers also joined journalists to capture what was going on

Tumukunde who was supposed to address his supporters at Nyakatonze playground wondered why the police would deploy over 20 patrol full of armed forces, which prompted him to task the Hima Division Police Commander (DPC), who was identified as ASP Byabasaija, on the matter,

“I have been to many places but haven’t seen over 20 patrol vehicles of police behind me. Are you at war?” Tumukunde asked the DPC, who told him that they (Police) were giving him (Tumukunde) maximum security.

“You are giving me security against who? Who decides a threat? I have security from Uganda police given to me by the Electoral Commission, I don’t need your security,” he noted.

Tumukunde says over 20 Police Patrol were deployed to disrupt his rally in Kasese

At this point the DPC tried to divert Tumukunde so that he passes in the alternative routes to the campaign venue, other than passing through Kasese town, which he (Tumukunde) refused.

The fracas escalated which prompted one of Gen. Tumukunde’s guards to join and started squeezing the DPC’s neck, which elevated the fracas.

“This town is for Ugandans and I am a Ugandan, we shall access it you are just joking, it is as if Congo army has attacked Nyakatonze,” said Tumukunde.


“You deploy heavily as if you are in war ‘Toka uko’, meaning get away from there’,” he shouted at the DPC who was resisting them from accessing Kasese town.

On arrival at the venue, he found when the security had taken over the place which he said intimidated his supporters, who decided to go away.

“You have sent away everybody who had come to hear my message,” Tumukunde said.

As per Electoral Commission campaign calendar, Gen. Tumukunde was slated to start his Rwenzori region campaigns today with two districts of; Kasese and Bunyangabu.

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