PHOTOS: Spice Diana Takes over Space Lounge’s counter

Wednesday night was yet another edition of the celebrity bar storm at Space Lounge, featuring songbird Spice Diana.

The slim diva, who was clad in a black two piece top and skirt performed behind the counter before serving drinks to the fans.

Acting  as the night’s bar woman, Spice attracted hordes of fans who wanted to have a glance at, let alone interact with her.

Singer Aziz Azion was also in attendance and managed to perform some of his songs.

Other artists who made it for the night were Latinum and Coco Finger .

Spice serving drinks

Some of the stars who graced the night
Coco Finger Interacting with Space Lounge boss Herbert Shonga


Spice Diana performing behind the counter
Coco Finger performing for his fans
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