PHOTOS: Special Needs Models Stun Revelers at Hot Pink Fashion Show

Fashion lovers who turned up for the Hot Pink Fashion show on Saturday were captivated by disabled models as they showcased trendy outfits on the runway.

A male model walking the runway

Organized by Malengo Foundation, the charity fashion show was held at Imperial Mall in Entebbe.

A model being helped with a wheel chair

The mission of the fashion shows “is to creatively spark the conversation among youth across Africa about working towards a society that is adaptive towards the needs of all people at all levels of society,” reads a statement from the Foundation website.

A fashionable model at the event

The foundation so far has models who are amputees (majorly post war victims), persons with albinism, dwarfism, burn victims, wheelchair users, and deaf as well as able bodied models.

The Hot Pink Fashion event featured costumes made by Ugandan fashion gurus like Anita of Beryl Quoture, Ras Kasozi, Rafael, Nagawa among others.

Speaking at the event, Michelle Omamteker, CEO Malengo Foundation, said: “This is one of our activities as a way of raising awareness and youth engagement with human rights, harmonizing with the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities to develop and expose the artistic and creative talents of persons with disabilities in society.”

Michelle Omamteker, CEO Malengo Foundation

She added that, “it’s our mandate as a society to ensure everybody benefits from equal opportunities with no discrimination of gender, both to those born privileged or differently abled by 2030.”


Themed “Youths for the global goals”, the activity’s mission is hinged on a specific target under the UN sustainable development goal 10 for reduced inequalities.

A lad looking cool in shorts

United Nations being one of the core supporters, it was represented by Michael Wangusa, UN communication coordinator-Kampala.

“This event marks the end of UN awareness month on our calendar,” he said.

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