Photos: Slay Queens Invade Bakiga Nation

Bakiga are known as people who love to farm and celebrate their culture. However, this ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ came in with another concept of fashion and beauty.

From shorts to off shoulder tops and dresses one could tell that this was not an ordinary cultural event but rather fashion day out.

Smashing hot Bakiga ladies

Naguru hilltop was over the weekend lit up by all colors and types of beauties in and around town as some claimed to have come from Kabale to celebrate with their mates. This kept more men flocking the grounds in the name of being Bakiga but they couldn’t keep their eyes off the elegant ladies.

According to one of the revelers only identified as Helen Mary, the festival is also meant to show case fashion trends that aren’t easily worn on other days.

There was beauty everywhere

“As you know our country we can’t wear shorts freely so when an event like this happens we get a chance to wear our unseen clothes. That aside, we come to celebrate the Bakiga in us,” she said smiling away.

Despite the event being a Kikiga festival some couldn’t believe that all the slay queens were from Kigezi.

“Do Bakiga have stylish and light skinned ladies, or these are just Kampala women?” asked one puzzled man.

Some beauties walked in cliques.

With everyone dressed to the nines, one could easily say that the Bakiga in Kampala have been taking fashion lessons on how to dress for outdoor events.


Yes all these are Bakiga
These two were making the next plot.
The smile can tell that the guy had enough money
Indeed Bakiga Nation look at her neighbor…

Photos: Courtesy

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