PHOTOS: Slay Queens, Beer Lovers Flock Oktoberfest

Several slay queens and socialites in Kampala who are in love with beer flocked this year’s Oktoberfest, which was held on Saturday at the Uganda Museum.


It was a colorful event filled with not only ‘Kampalans’ but also Europeans and Americans, who were dressed to kill on tantalizing costumes and ready to party the day away.

“I wore this costume because it is a competition and I want to win an air ticket,” said Sandra Nabatanzi, who was clad in a Bavarian costume at the festival.

The slay queens left several men turning heads to enjoy the grandeur of the smartly dressed ladies and their rare costumes.

Almost every slay queen and king had a beer in hand, since Oktoberfest is a beer festival and beer was cheap.

“Besides looking at beautiful ladies, my primary reason for being here is to take as much beer as I can,” exclaimed Raymond, who withheld his second name.

Apart from the endlessly flowing beer, the event was filled with fun games and competitions which saw many winners walk away with prizes.

Anhaaaa…now this is a typical beer belly
Are these slay Queens or….
Can you imagine mbu the free beer is now finished
Did you say they are giving out free chicken too
Dedan welcoming revelers to Oktoberfest


Don’t worry, daddy is coming to settle the bills for snacks
Dude, are you coming or should I call someone else
Gal, it’s time to have a blast
Haaa…indeed in heaven there is no beer
Haaa…oba who will drive me home
Do you know I’m late for beer
Hehehehe…you ChimpLyf guys don’t chill out
Hope you have some airtime to call the Uber guys later
Slay Queens take a Slay-fie
Oh my…aren’t these ChimpLyf guys
These ones left men very uneasy
You see I want to drink beer in litres
You ladies, please don’t start your Age Limit debate here
These slay Queens had the best day
Naooooow where is that ka dime
She wowed revelers with her costume
These queens were ready to slay
I’m here to have fun, nothing else
Let’s go the other side, that is where guys who buy Sausages are
Make sure you don’t leave me anywhere
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