PHOTOS: Rema Namakula, itel Donate to Mother of 37

When you hear about her for the first time, all you ask is, how? Is that even possible?

Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye, at 37, has given birth to 37 children.

It’s from such a compelling and mind-blowing story that itel Mobile, together with their brand ambassador Rema Namakula decided to pay her a visit.

A journey many miles into Mukono district begun with surprise, but culminated into the most excitement Ms. Nabatanzi has had in a while.

Her children, unlike what most people think, seem to be receiving the closest attention. Upon arrival, Rema and itel staff, were surprised by how close the children stuck to their mother.

All smiles and excited, the family welcomed the group with open hands as any properly brought-up family would.

For the immense media coverage she received, itel decided to offer a helping hand. Undeniably, she was being overwhelmed.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, the company gifted Ms Nabatanzi with necessities like Rice, Posho, Sugar, Cooking oil, soap, books, pens, pencils, sets, colors, cooking materials, itel tshirts.


To her surprise too, Ms Nabatanzi was also given a brand new itel S31.

At Kabimbiri, the village where she stays, Ms Nabatanzi is very known person, especially by how many children she has managed to push.

Quite surprising, she has delivered almost all the children at home, apart from her last born.

Ms Nabatanzi posing for a photo with Rema Namakula and an Itel executive

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