Photos: Police Teargas Disabled Children While Foiling Jose Chameleon Office Launch

Anti-riot police on Tuesday morning deployed heavily in Mengo to prevent a planned launch of the campaign offices of Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone

The offices are meant to be Chamelone’s Campaign base

Chameleone is running for the Kampala Load Mayor seat under the National Unity Platform (NUP).

He had planned to officially unveil his campaign base in Mengo in Lubaga Division.

Police says they were not informed about the launch

The offices located on Balintuma Road had been decorated with campaign materials and tents erected in preparation for the event.

Police however swung into action and fired teargas at scores of supporters who had gathered for the event.

The anti riot police fired teargas directly inside the new offices sending Chameleone’s team as well as news reporters scampering.

The officers were also accused of firing teargas inside the Kampala School of the Physically Handicapped, which is just opposite the offices.


“How can you do this to innocent children who are disabled? Why do you behave so heartlessly,” one of the people was heard shouting at the police officers.

Police said they had not been told about the event and that the offices had not been inspected and cleared.

The event was reportedly meant to be attended by a total of 135 people even though the compound is large enough to accommodate hundreds more.



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