PHOTOS: Music Meets Art at Aka Dope Weekend

The 3rd season of Aka Dope weekend will surely linger around the minds of many quite longer.

The much attended event held on Saturday and Sunday featured soul music, dance, poetry performances, an art exhibition, food and Uganda Waragi cocktails.

The well-stocked bar was open all day – and was fully packed. The cocktails, which flowed in plenty matched the ‘Akadope’ theme with their unique names – Kololo Sunset, UG Passion, UG Co-Wife 1 and Ug Co-Wife 2 among others.

Over 30 artists performed at the 2-day event, which also had a maiden edition of the fusion concert.

Some of the notable performances were Kajanjalo by Truth and Sandra Suubi, Naki by Kenneth Mugabi and Shiffah Musisi and Tutuuse by Essie and Ruyonga.

The highlight though was the Kikiga Dance that was performed by Haka Mukiga and Akello. This one had the entire audience on their feet.

During the musical performance breaks, DJs Kas Baby and Chapat kept the guests entertained with their exciting selection that had the crowd chanting praises every so often.

Following a successful event, Kemiyondo Coutinho, the brains behind the show, promised that Akadope would be returning in August and September this year.


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